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African Sunz
African Sunz18 hours ago
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African Sunz
African Sunz
African Sunz
African Sunz is celebrating life.1 week ago
!!!African Sunz ft. Mugaba - Divine::::OUT NOW!!! Check out the video and share the vibeZ!!!


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2 months ago
Jeg likte en @YouTube-video – FREE Burna boy type beat 2019 - Djeya | Afrobeat instrumental 2019
2 months ago
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5 months ago
African Sunz - Pile Up (Official Dancevideo): via @YouTube
5 months ago
Jeg likte en @YouTube-video – African Sunz - Pile Up (Official Video)

African Sunz

African Sunz consists of Kimani Sunz & Balita Sunz. Both born in Africa, they have clear messages they promote in their lyrics. They perform in Norwegian, English, French and Swahili and possess a very continental, different, yet accessible sound, not to mention an explosive live show. The group has earned reputation as one of Oslo’s best live act and bring with them musicians of the highest quality.

African Sunz have worked their way up to become well known in Oslo, and have held several concerts, both individual as well as with artists and groups such as Kalamashaka, Ken Ring, Stella Mwangi (STL), Danny and Pumba, El Axel, Jabaman, Karpe Diem, Admiral P, Eben JR and many more.


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